Just Around The Pointe:
A Kayaking Documentary
of a World Record Attempt Around the 5 Great Lakes,
the Saint Lawrence River,
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
& Prince Edward Island




A Stellar Tour de Force 
8,600 miles in 265 days 

Web design and images by        
Traci Lynn Martin, RN BSN


Welcome  to  our 
Great Lakes Documentary website

"Not all those who wander are lost"
- J. R. R. Tolkien "Lord of the Rings"
The Adventure will begin on March 13th, 2017
Traci Lynn Martin and Joe Zellner, both of whom are experienced expedition kayakers and successful ultra endurance competitive kayakers, will attempt 
Two Individual World Record's.
They will attempt to set a new world record for the farthest documented
non-stop paddling trip by kayak in one year.

Currently, according to Guinness World Records, the longest solo journey by canoe (kayak) is  3,462.89 miles (5,573 kilometres) and was achieved by Marcin Gienieczko (Poland) who travelled from Atalya, Ucayali, Peru to Belém, Para, Brazil between June 4th and September 1st,  2015.

Unofficially, the longest solo trip by kayak belongs to Freya Hoffmeister (German).  In 2009 (January 18th to December 15th) she completed a solo circumnavigation of Australia, paddling 8,570 miles in 322 days.

They will attempt to set a world record for being the first man and first woman to paddle (exclusively by human power) all 5 of the
Great Lakes in one calendar year.

8,600 miles will be attempted in 265 days  

This expedition qualifies as two solo attempts by two solo paddlers, whom have the same goal, to be the first woman and the first man to paddle this extensive region in one calendar year.
Neither person will offer any physical assistance to the other while on the water. Each person will carry their own supplies and if one person should have to quit, then the other person will continue on by him or herself.

The Route
   Lake Superior
 Lake Huron
 Lake Ontario
 Lake Michigan
   The Start
Port Huron,
March  13th, 2017
 Lake Erie
   The Start
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and Beach Park
Port Huron, MI
on the southern tip of Lake Huron
 March 13 th, 2017
(or as soon as the ice melts )
We will paddle north-west towards Lake Michigan
(follow the yellow arrows)
The Finish
Lake Erie Metro Park
32481 West Jefferson Ave
Brownstown Township, MI
It is located on the  shoreline of where the Detroit River flows into Lake Erie

Finish Date... sometime in December
Check back for updates!

   All of the months are color coded

April = yellow
May = orange
June = green
July = blue
August =  hot pink
by the end of August, we should be at Quebec City
September = Dark green
October = red
November = Royal blue
December = white

 Lake Ontario

Heading 1

We will be paddling through: The Saint Lawrence Seaway

2 Countries
The Atlantic Ocean
5 Canadian Provinces.. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia
14 States.... Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York,
                           New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey

The 5 Great Lakes
The St. Lawrence River Seaway
The Hudson River... to Troy, New York  (where we will paddle west onto the Erie Canal via the Mohawk River
The Erie Canal System to Lake Oneida and back onto Lake Ontario (via the Oneida and Oswego Rivers)

We Need Your Help!

We will be camping along the shoreline every night for 10 months. If you live on the shoreline or along any of the rivers on our above route and would not mind us camping on your beach or property, then please contact me.
If you or someone that you know has any interest in following us for a day or more or allow us to have supplies shipped to your house and then meet us along the shoreline with our supplies, then please contact me.
Any help would be much appreciated and your name would be added to our website as a valued volunteer!  Thank you!

Heartfelt Gratitude and Colossal "Thank You"
to Stellar Kayaks

Stellar Kayaks has been working with Traci and Joe to provide each of them with their very own customed designed, high quality, reinforced hull, kayak.

Traci and Joe has elected to paddle the SR Stellar surf ski.

This may be the very first time that any individual has ever elected to use a surf ski to paddle an expedition style event.

The NEW Stellar Racer (SR) is stable and fast for those paddlers looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who want more stability from a surf ski in rough conditions.
A greatly narrower catch and reduced volume footwell help to modernize this popular surf ski. 
We moved the paddler forward to catch waves easier as well as increasing the bow deck volume a little to release from the waves easier.
We kept the same hull shape below the water that paddlers raved about!
The beauty of the SR is that its allows you to keep your paddling rhythm without bracing, which keeps the hull speed at a higher constant rate than if you were in a racing ski and had to brace.
A water bottle holder in the cockpit and handles in the bow in stern round out this amazing

Length: 19'2" / 5.84m
Beam: 18.9" / 48cm
Depth: 13.3" / 33.8cm
Paddler: 5'-6'6" / 1.5m-2m
Capacity: 295 lbs / 135 kg

**Stellar Kayaks are adding a front and rear hatch so that Traci and Joe can carry their gear and supplies, as well as extra deck rigging and anchors.

Stellar Kayaks is an amazing company to work with!

A HUGE Thank You to All of Our Sponsor's
 A personal "Thank You" to all of the wonderful individuals whom I have come to know
behind each of these logos,
your encouragement and faith towards this vision has been a Godsend.....

South Dakota's Best River Races LLC,
founders of the Fort to Field 50 Paddle Battle
 The  DIPASQUALE  Family
(for your incredibly generous donation of $1000.00)

Feng Yi outdoor Leisure Equipment Enterprise Co., Ltd.

 The GENA Family
Joseph Zellner
Traci Lynn Martin
Joseph Zellner has lived in Grand Marais, Minnesota for the last 32 years. During this time he has spent countless hours kayaking on Lake Superior, as well as Lake Michigan. He spends the majority of his time training on the cold waters of Lake Superior for the numerous kayak races which he participates in.
Joseph plans on using his skills as an experienced and skillful outdoorsman, paddler, and racer to tackle the huge undertaking of paddling all 5 of the Great Lakes in one calendar year.

(Please refer to "About Us" for specific information that will give a clearer picture of the experience and skill level of both Joseph Zellner and Traci Lynn Martin)
"This is not going to be an easy float trip by any means.
It can get really dangerous out there, especially on Lake Superior... But I want this and she wants this, and the advantage of paddling along side another dedicated paddler, besides the obvious safety factor, is that if I wake up tired, I know that she will kick me in the butt and tell me to get up and lets go, .. and she knows that I am here to do the same thing for her."
Traci Lynn Martin grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri area. She is a Registered Nurse and works at Saint Lukes hospital in the Neonatal ICU. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and experienced kayaker.
In 2009, her life came to a shattering halt when she began showing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. In 2010 she was officially diagnosised with this debilitating disease.
"The first couple of years were hard, trying to get this disease under control. It was amazing how many of my friends, who work in health care, point blank told me that my days of backpacking and kayak racing were over. But, in the end, I was able to prove them wrong!"

Since then, I have spent my time and energy talking to patients and individuals that just because you have a diagnosis of a chronic disease, life can still hold amazing possibilities for you. I try to encourage and inspire individuals to hold onto there dreams and never stop reaching for them, regardless of there medical diagnosis. 
"Joe was actually the one that put this idea of paddling all 5 of the Great Lakes into my head. We were driving back from a kayak race, and I was telling him about my dream to paddle in places which few people have ever done before... And he said to me, "why dont you try something that has NEVER been done before, .... No one has ever paddled all 5 of the Great Lakes in the same year."
"The more that I thought about it, the more determined I became to accomplish it.  I am going to be the first woman to circumnavigate (completely by human power) a solo kayak around all 5 of the Great Lakes in the same calendar year! And in the process I hope I can inspire other individuals along the way!"

Joe Zellner with Mark Dipasquale
1st place Two Harbors
Men's tandem

2014 ShootOut-Lexington Missouri with Adrian Vega
1st place, womens double-blade solo

A HUGE Thank You to All of Those who made this Documentary Possible

 Stephen Brede.. ( from Petoskey, MI)
Thank you for your personal interview and expedition advice.
The information you provided will be invaluable to us!
I also want to thank you and your wife for offering to allow supplies to be mailed to your home and for your invitation to allow Joe and I to stay a night with you! Thank you Stephen!
Cathy Franks...  Thank you for being my #1 best supporter with all of the crazy schemes which I come up with and do!! Thank you for not only being my best sister but also my best friend... Love Ya.. Joe
Cathy... Thank you for your wonderful offer to follow Joe and I along our route at the beginning of our documentary, in April, and giving us a warm trailer to slumber at when we get off of the icy bitter water. 
Thank you so much Cathy!
Jarett Bies...  Your help and support is appreciated beyond words...
I am truly grateful and indebted to you!!  Thank you Jarett!!
Bob Van Hise and Patti Zander... (from Tonawanda, NY)
Thank you so very much for offering to bring Joe and I supplies and to car portage us around Niagara Falls (coming and going).
Your noble and charitable help will be invaluable to us!!

Wendell Martin... (from Chicago, Il)  Thank you so very much for offering to bring  Joe and I supplies! Your kindness is very much appreciated!
Ramona A... (from the Grand Marais, Mn area)  Thank you so very much for offering to let  Joe and me spend the night at your house and to allow us to have supplies mailed to your house!!  A hot shower, hot food, and a warm bed will be appreciated beyond words! Thank you!

Mark Dipasquale .. (from Hopkins, Mn)
Thank you so very much for all of your help and for your extremely generous donation!

Laura Schoenholt .... (from Albany, New York). 
Thank you for offering to bring  Joe and me supplies!

Anonymous...  (from Kingsville Ontario). 
Thank you for offering to bring  Joe and me supplies!

Williams Marine...  (Lansdowne, Ontario). 
Located in the heart of the 1000 Islands on the Saint Lawrence River.  Thank you for offering to allow  Joe and I to camp over night at your marine!

 John Peterson.. Thank you for believing in me and being my #1 advocate and supporter.  Your assistance and counsel has been priceless to me.  I fear that my words of appreciation fail to express just how cherished you truly are to me. You have given me a sense of clarity which I have never known before, and for that I will forever be in your debt.  Thank you John!
West Hanson... for all of your time and advice on how to make this a successful documentary. Thank you West!
Bryan Hansel.. for your personal interview and expedition advice! Thank You Bryan!
Darci Winthers... Thank you for your generous offer to spend one to two weeks following us along our route and setting up a camp for us every night. Your help will make it possible for us to carry less gear and therefore paddle faster and farther!
Thank you so much Darci!
Jorglynne Maranda Martin Shepard Brooks...  Thank you my dearest daughter for offering to help mail supplies to us during our trip!!  Love You!
Renee and Darron Henderson... Thank you cousin for offering to help mail supplies to Joe and me during our trip!!  Love You!
Alex A. Shepard.. for all of your time and invaluable help and patience.. Thank you Alex!
Douglas Martin....  Thank you for all of your help, support, and encouragement!
Julie and Chris McMillian... Thank you for all of your help, support, and encouragement!

Kevin & Anita Johnson.. for all of your help, support, and encouragement!
 Historic Fort Adams ... Newport RI
Thank you for allowing us to mail supplies to the Fort and for allowing us to stay the night there as well!
 Steve Bianco .....  Lake Erie
Thank you for offereing to help and for spending a day paddling with me!

Check Out Some of these Amazing Individuals Who Have Helped Us!!

Stephen Brede
West Hanson
He has paddled all 5 of the Great Lakes!
In 2009 he paddled around Lake Huron in 90 days.
In 2010 he paddled around Lake Michigan in 95 days.
In 2012 he paddled around Lake Erie in 60 days.
In 2013 he paddled around Lake Ontario
In 2014 he paddled around Lake Superior
Check Out His Amazing Adventure!!
114 days, 4200+ miles, and two countries later, marathon paddler West Hansen completed his National Geographic-sponsored source to sea expedition, in 2013, he paddled the entire length of the  Amazon River in record time...
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