Just Around The Pointe - 2020

To be the first person to circumnavigate all 5 Great Lakes in less than one year- and in the process Inspire All Individuals who struggle everyday with a chronic health condition or disability to never give up.  

2017 Photo Gallery

!!Bettina Finally Arrives

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Traci Martin's Story

Saturday January 28, 2017

Bettina arrived just in time for the film crew! 

A film crew from Health Central - a non-profit that works to bring inspirational stories about individuals over-coming health challengers- arrived and spent 3 days filming a beautifiul in-depth short documentary about my Great Lakes Expedition while battling Rhematoid Arthritis. 
Road Trip With Chris Stafford 

Friday Feburary 10th, 2017
Monday Feburary 13th, 2017

Headed To Port Huron to check out the launch site at Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.

Drove down the shoreline of Lake Huron - some snow was present but there was no ice. We were surprised by the warm temperatures. Many local's stated it had been warm all month and I should have come up and began paddling in Feburary.  

Then we drove to Port Hope, Ontario Canada to show my JustAroundThePointe Film Trailer and answer questions at the Film Festival.

​Barry and Brenda Adamson was kind enough to allow us to stay with their lovely family. 

Flying back home, Chris and Traci made the decision to start the expedition early.
New start date: March 9th, 2017!

Saying Good Bye to Barry... unbeknownst to Traci, she would not be seeing Barry again until December 15th, 2017

Packing Up and Testing Out My New Equipment

Feburary 2017

2017 Great Lakes Picture GALLERY
Traci's Top 10 favorite Pictures

​Amazing locations and sites around the
Great Lakes




Grand Marais

Twelve Mile







July 28th, 2017
Paddling inside of the caves at the Apostle Islands
​Bayfield, WI
Traci Lynn Martin reached the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on the south shore of Lake Superior on July 28th, 2017.

She took one day off from paddling to explore the Sea Caves that the Apostle Islands are famous for.

Traci and Marv Kuziel spent the day with a certified guide, Oliver Herzog Simes. 

It was a fun filled glorious day! 
​Video is 1 minute 49 seconds
Paddling through a small hole inside of a cave at the Apostle Islands
​Bayfield, WI
​This video is 48 seconds
  1. Inside of a Sea Cave
  2. Inside of a small cave - beautiful colors

National Park 

Friday August 18th
Monday August 21st

Lake Superior in Northern Ontario Canada

95 miles of extremely remote
wilderness kayaking and camping

Cascade  Falls


"Waves roll across immense Lake Superior and crash against a remote granite shoreline.

Tracts of windswept spruce and pine reach beyond the horizon from towering cliffs and along secluded sandy beaches."

The haunting call of the loons can be heard through the thick fog as the sun begins its voyage across the sky. 

Islands of rocks, waiting to be discovered and explored. Warm pools of water hidden within them. 

There is a peacefulness to this place, untouched and forgotten by our civilized world. 

During my 95 mile paddle in this remote wilderness region, the landscape changes frequently -
from mountain covered evergeen trees -
to tall rocky cliffs -

barren rocky islands which hide small pools of warm
water -
and secluded sandy beaches


During this time, I met an 18 yr old French-Canadian boy who was paddling his own expedition - he was attempting the French Canadian fur traders route alone.

He had been planning this expedition since he was 16 years old, with another highschool friend - but after graduation, when his friend was unable to go, Pascal made the decision to do it alone.

He was paddling solo, on the rough water of Lake Superior, in a 2 person canoe - his paddling skills was phenomenal.

During our 4 days paddling together through Pukaskwa, I loaned him my spare RPC3 double blade - which he said he loved. It gave his shoulders a break from single blading.

It was wonderful to have someone who could take my picture in this magical remote region.

Besides the companionship, it was wonderful paddling with him because he had "real food" that he cooked over a fire - unlike my staple of Snickers, bagels with peanut butter, coke, and cold instant coffee 
(I never cooked when camping - there was no room for cooking gear in my surf ski). Everything was eaten cold. 

Pascal gave me hot food at night and hot coffee in the mornings .....  and I gave him Snicker Bars.

The Rocks Are Stunning

The pictures do not do them justice


Lake Superior

Paddling Towards Silver

at daybreak to paddle towards Pie Island and then heading onto Silver Islet

Turtle Island

Lake Erie - Oct 2017

Over looking Lake Superior

Lake Huron, Port Huron

Lake Huron
November 2015
Port Huron at the Fort Gratiot Light Station
The Expedition began here on March 9th, 2017

Lake Erie
Lake Erie Metro Park

Lake Erie
Lake Erie Metro Park

Lake Huron
Port Huron

River flowing into Lake Superior

  1. Quiet evening on Lake Superior
    Quiet evening on Lake Superior
  2. Waterfalls going into Lake Superior
    Waterfalls going into Lake Superior
  3. Calm afternoon on Lake Superior
    Calm afternoon on Lake Superior
  4. Sun Setting over Lake Superior
    Sun Setting over Lake Superior
  5. The Rapids
    The Rapids
  6. Boy on the north shore beach
    Boy on the north shore beach
  7. A cold and rainy afternoon
    A cold and rainy afternoon
  8. Traci hiking the shoreline of Lake Superior near Tofte, Mn
    Traci hiking the shoreline of Lake Superior near Tofte, Mn
  9. Traci-on- the-northshore
    Traci-on- the-northshore
  10. Boy climbing rocks along the North Shore
    Boy climbing rocks along the North Shore
  11. Boy on a rock
    Boy on a rock
  12. Looking up
    Looking up
  13. Grand Marais, Mn
    Grand Marais, Mn
  14. Grand Marais, Mn.
    Grand Marais, Mn.
  15. A Boy at the Beach
    A Boy at the Beach
  16. A flower garden at the beach
    A flower garden at the beach
  17. Flower Garden on the beach
    Flower Garden on the beach
  18. Grand Marais Harbor
    Grand Marais Harbor

Pukaskwa National Lakeshore on Lake Superior